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5 days of confidence building, entertaining and educational indoor and outdoor adventure, activities and take home goodies! 

Make! The kids will learn to design and print their very own 3D miniature of their
character using cutting edge 3D design and printing technology.

Paint! Take top tips from our resident miniature painting experts and bring their
character (or our own miniatures) to colorful life!


Create! Learn to write a compelling back-story for your character and learn to use
the perfect structure with the 'Hero's Journey' with our award-winning writers.


Play! A brand new brain-boosting quest and outdoor games.

Illustrate! Learn to draw their character with the help of our illustrator and
cartoonists and help design a new FTDC monster.

When: Monday - Friday 9am - 3:30pm

Week 1 August 2nd - 6th 

Week 2 August 16th - 20th 

Week 3 August 23rd - 27th

Where: Crocodile Cafe, Muswell Hill Broadway and Highgate Playing Fields


Multi-week booking Discount (20%) - £232

Multi-child booking Discount (20%) - £232

Standard price: £290

Take home models, paints, paint brushes, gaming equipment, character sheets and refreshments Included. 

Come along for a free game one morning and see why we're the fastest growing kids club in London. 

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