"I can’t begin to express how much my kids look forward to their weekly sessions and it’s wonderful to see!"

"My daughter and son have quite different personalities but their love for this is mutual. I’m pretty sure they would play every day if they could."

"For them, it’s the drama and excitement of the game and the way that they can develop and inhabit their characters. For me, it’s the fact that it fuels their imaginations and builds core skills, without them even realising that it’s educational -it’s just fun, as far as they’re concerned!"

"My daughter didn’t know anything about this club but loved it from the start. I love the way they sneak in the English, maths and science"

"We've tried numerous clubs over the years, but none have created the excitement or captured the imagination in the way Flamethrowers and Dreamcatchers has."

"Totally different. Totally brilliant"

"The staff are, without exception, warm, friendly, on the ball, and passionate about what they do!"

"Over the past few months Lilia has learned about strategy, problem-solving, improvisation, and character development. She's developing skills that we know will be useful to her in the future, and she's also quite clear that FTDC is the most fun she's had in any out of school activity she's ever done. "

"I'm not sure what they do there but the kids won't stop telling me stories about what their characters are doing!"

"During lock-down it gave us more then just something to occupy the kids with, it gave them an opportunity to play with their friends in a way that wasn't as intense and awkward as zoom and wasn't as mindless as video games."


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