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Wash your hands before leaving

(for 20 seconds).

Bring your own small bottle of hand sanitiser (put your name on it).

Bring your own snacks and drink (Put your name on it).

 Keep socially distanced when you arrive and head to your 'Safe Zone'.

Bring your own 

Game Folder & keep it in your


Wait for a thumbs up from your GM & head to your table.



Cover face with arm or a tissue when you cough & sneeze.


Immediately bin used tissues

and use hand sanitiser after.


Only touch your own equipment, stationary and folder.


Keep seated

in your 'Force-field' unless told to move.


1 at a time.

Wash hands for 20 seconds

after use.


If you need help or first aid, stay where you are.

A GM will come to you.

When the game ends head to your 'Safe Zone'

Wait for a thumbs up from your GM before leaving your

'safe zone'.

Use some hand sanitiser -

yours or ours.

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